Welcome to the Farmer's Table

In many farming communities throughout Washington, there is a local "Farmer's Table" where farmers gather to tell stories, make friends, and share information that helps everyone in the community be more successful.  We invite you to pull up a seat and join the conversation.  Ask questions, meet, and learn more about Washington's farm families. 

Fun Farm Events

Want to check out a local event or farm festival?  Check out our calendar for upcoming events!

Visit a Farm

Hit the road and tour a farm! Check out our map of farms that are open to the public!

Farmers Markets

Just looking to pick up some fresh farm products?  Find a local farmers market!

Farming Videos

Check out our collection of videos about farming in Washington!

Washivore Blog

Have a question for Washington farmers and ranchers?  Get it answered here!

Culinary Agritourism

Check out the WSDA culinary agritours and eat your way through Washington's farms!

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