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Help your students meet Next Generation Science standards for grades 3-5

Engineering and Design Crosscutting concepts ETS1-1

Science and Engineering Practices S-ES S2-2

Discover more about produce and pesticide residue.

Click on the picture above to calculate.

Link to downloadable Washington State Harvest posters

Washivore can help you meet your students Grade Level Expectations for the Social Studies Learning Standards

Geography 3.1.2, 3.3.1

Could you be a farmer? See what you need to know about your soil.

Economics 2.2.1

Economics 2.2.2

Economics 2.2.4

Use the quizzes on the right to develop components of Washington agriculture and timber production.

Economics 2.4.1

How much do your really know about farmers?

Click on the picture above and test your knowledge.

Washington timber industry replants forests.

Click on the picture to see if you know your forestry facts.

More science and social studies resources for grades   3-5 classrooms!

Washington grows school lunches

More fun farming links for students

How do we get new farmers?

Washivore goes back to school.

It takes a state to grow a hamburger, shake and fries!

Challenge Kids to Make Healthy Food Choices from Washington-grown Foods

My Plate; My State

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