When you think of peaches, most people think of states quite a bit further south and east than Washington.  But some of the sweetest, most fragrant peaches are grown right here!

In 2012, there were 2200 acres of peaches grown in Washington State!  Each acre produced almost 12,000 pounds of peaches on each acre!

Yakima County is the primary producer of peaches in Washington, but many other counties grow peaches as well - even in Western Washington!

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Peach Pest Problems

Did you know the primary pest for peaches is actually weeds?  The weeds compete with the peach trees - especially young trees - for water, sunlight, and nutrients.   

In addition to competition, tall weeds can block sprinkler heads, which hinders irrigation.  Irrigation is critical, especially in Eastern Washington.  

The most common disease in peaches is powdery mildew.  Growers use root stock that increase disease resistance.

Peaches are also susceptible to leaf curl, blight, mites, aphids, and brown rot.  Luckily, the Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee is dedicated to solving these and other pest problems so Washington can grow some of the best tree fruit in the world.

It's called a what??

Do you know your peach anatomy?  Check below to see what different parts of a peach are called! 

Picking the Perfect Peach

While this video isn't from Washington, it provides some great tips on how to pick the perfect peach!  We're lucky to be one of those states that has peach orchards and grows terrific, large and sweet peaches right here.

Peach Nutrition Facts

Peaches are a delicious summertime treat that just happen to be good for you too. Eat a ripe, juicy, and sweet peach for these health and nutrition benefits:

  • Peaches are fat, cholesterol, and sodium free
  • There are less than 75 calories in a large-sized peach
  • Peaches are an excellent source of vitamin C, with 19% of the daily recommended value
  • Peaches are also a good source of vitamin A
  • There are 3 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein in a large-sized peach
  • Vitamin C in peaches keeps the body functioning and immune system strong
  • One large peach has 10% of your daily potassium needs
  • Potassium keeps the heart and nervous system functioning and helps balance water levels in the body


Many thanks to the Washington State Fruit Commission for much of the information on this page!